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Whistleblowers Network Australia

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Fraudulent Collusive Tendering in the Aussie Building Industry Continues?

.......of course most likely this practice continues .. whereby 2- 6 or 7 sslected Tenderers for Building jobs get togther and add lots on in nison in terms of their prices probably continues...what confidence could one have that it doesnt when two Royal Commissions ,one in NSW and one Federal effectively allowed the two (who previously worked for the MBA and the old Aust Fed of Contractors )who architected Collusive Tendering to stay on the register ? One still practises in NSW and the other found a plum job after a PHD lecturing Building Students at a University in Adelaide ....complaints made to NSW Law Society yielded nothing and the NSW Crimes Commission did very little about the fact that these two gents in addition received personal kick backs for arranging each deal............others involved such as Graded Arbitrators and in one case a Judicial officer of an NSW Court are still around.............

One Source RV Gyles Royal Comission in to NSW Building Industry Report 1991.........


Mick Skrijel the NCA and Victoria Police Historical