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Whistleblowers Network Australia

Whistleblowers Network (.com) & Australia

Just in case anyone is confused this Site is NOT a Commercial Enterprise and exists purely for genuine Whistleblowers and the makers of Public Interest Disclosures both in Australia and Worldwide....................... We publish both OPENLY and on anyones behalf ANONYMOUSLY if Requested......... often we support Whistleblowers with FREE SUPPORT AND ADVICE .but at the end of the day whatever any individual decides to do is upto them !

"Viewers need to be careful of other publishers who while holding themselves out as genuine whistleblowers are in fact not only has to cast around for instance on official government compliant web sites run by so called whistleblowers in Australia for instance to see that this is so ! "

Welcome to the Whistleblowers Network

Alex Tees, Lawyer/Solicitor & Barrister of Sydney NSW Australia ( has years of experience acting for whistleblowers and has been involved in a number of matters many years ago as a Whistleblower himself.

Contact Sydney (02) 9281 3230(02) 9281 3230 Mobile 0409813622

Email [email protected] Fax 02 8088 7172

SKYPE "alextees" Twitter "atees".

It goes without saying if you have a public interest disclosure to make first DO NOT REVEAL YOUR IDENTITY and secondly Seek advice from someone with experience in this area who can help you avoid a lot of the pitfalls...(but the are no guarantees !)

This Web Site is "pertinent but impertinent"

We will also assist you to anonymously disseminate your public interest disclosure.................................................

If you ask us to we will publish it here on this web site.


We are a support network for Public Interest Disclosers and "whistleblowers". The Organisation was founded by Solicitor Alex Tees ( a former Whistleblower himself during the NSW 1991 Building Industry Royal Commission in NSW and an Ex NSW Policeman who revealed that NSW Police at Cabramatta were loading up Vietnamese youths with Heroin and then charging them.

As such we understand "WBS" and can assist with investigation , publication of Whistleblowers information ,legal services and wherever possible protection of identity.

NSW Contact :

Alex Tees, Tel 02 9281 323002 9281 3230 /0409813622 email [email protected] Fax 02 8088 7172 Skype "alextees"

Victoria Contact :

Ray Hoser 03 9812 3322 MOB 211777

Email : [email protected]

Queensland :

DC ; Tel 0432 375 562 Whats app 61432 375 562

Email : [email protected]